Saturday, January 16, 2010

Contribution to AMALGAM

Free magazine of Arts: Amalgam

This (maga)zine is published every 3 months in vienna and includes different content every time which features people in various ground, art, architecture, design, cooking, science, economy, sport, education, e.t.c…and shows their divers ideas and notions as an art piece which they make according to the specific theme. The theme of the first issue will be "time"and I was asked for a contribution. It will be distributed on the Rundgang of the Akademie from 21st to 24th of january 2010.

"Unraveling the knitting is a step back to show the thread it's made of. After the process of knitting, the thread is crinkled instead of sleek - it has incorporated a history. The loose and nonlinear appearance stands in contradiction to the tight and defined one. The thread serves as a metaphor for time, changing between structure and chaos - once quantifiable, then infinite."
By Christine Schöpf


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