Monday, November 02, 2009

Dritto Rovescio

Maria Lai
Sacre e indistruttibili
Embroidered Book, 1991

'dritto rovescio' exhibition on knitting
at the triennale museum in milan, italy
24 february - 29 march 09

curated by the group do-knit-yourself and naba academy together with the triennale design museum.
the weaving of the fabric is the metaphor to express relations in narrative art, music, logic, society, science and to show the relationship between them. performance, photographs, installations, videos and objects from around 50 artists and designers.
more pics here:

Meine Favorites:

Fernando and Humberto Campana
prod. Edra Spa, Pisa, 1993-98
Armchair upholstered with 500 metres of hand-woven cord

Patrick Turner and Andrea Pearson
Thout Design, Toronto, 2008
Scribble Lamp, Woven Yarn

Bea Camacho
Efface, 11h-Performance
Videostill, Boston 2008

Emily Hermant
Lies, lies, lies
Montreal, 2003-08


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