Monday, November 02, 2009

By Hand - The Use of Craft in Contemporary Art

authors: shu hung and joseph magliaro
publisher: princeton architectural
year: 2006

Meine Favorites:

this book is not an attempt to tackle the murky distinctions
between art and design, art and craft, and craft and design.
instead presents a lively and diverse roster of thirty-two artists,
who all share a dedication to sewing machines, knitting needeles,
crochet hooks and embroidery hoops.

age-old techniques, often passed down from one generation
to another. with focus on detail.
it takes a long time to make something.
in these laborious art works the process becomes important.
to ‘craft’, meaning to ‘care’, is restored to its original sense.
the process of fabrication as gestures of sincerity.


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