Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Lisa Anne Auerbach - Stop Making Scarves, Start Making Trouble!

Californian artist Lisa Anne Auerbach was showing recently at Nottingham Contemporary (from 12 September to 18 October 2009) her piece Take This Knitting Machine and Shove it. The show regaled us with a very new take on Robin Hood, Ned Ludd and other radical heroes of this once revolutionary city, figures who we too often forget to remember.

Lisa Anne’s art takes many forms – including photography, distributing free tracts and unicycling - but in the last few years she has been concentrating on knitting sweaters carrying distinct political and social messages.

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"Knitting for the New Millenium Manifesto," and "Body Count Mittens," KnitKnit#6, Winter, 2005.

so bin ich mitten im diplomfieber ... verschluckt von den weiten des www ... am recherchieren was es an subversiven strickerInnen gibt ... und heute liegt mir lisa anne auerbach besonders am herzen, als ich ihr "Knitting for a New Millenium Manifesto" sehr schätze - berühmt bereits der ausspruch "stop making scarves, start making trouble" oder "(knitting) is NOT the new yoga. repetitive and unthinking motions will kill the soul. Knitting is creating"


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