Tuesday, September 15, 2009


Melissa French's urban upholstery

Amelie Labarthe's animated textiles


"We are a recently formed group of textile designers, bound by a shared vision for the future direction of the textile industry. Far from the common perception of textile designers as girls who draw flowers, we are individuals who integrate aspects of material science, fine arts, academic research, storytelling, and product design into our practice. Because this broad understanding of textile design is still considered unconventional, we have joined forces to create a stronger, more vocal presence.

Our shared history began on the MA Design for Textile Futures course at Central Saint Martins. Upon graduating, we realised that the strength of our work had come from our dynamic interactions within the shared studio environment.

As individuals, we have each developed a unique approach to textiles that is backed by extensive research. These include Kathy Schicker's luminescent textiles, Amelie Labarthe's animated textiles, Aurelie Mosse's tectonic textiles, Jo Angell's modular textiles, Elisabeth Buecher's provocative inflatable textiles, Aysseline Roy's recyclable textiles, Jenny Leary's magnetic textiles, and Melissa French's urban upholstery."


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