Sunday, November 16, 2008

Isabel Berglund - City of Stitches "X-Small"

...A Sweater Lovely as a Tree...

Isabel Berglund’s City of Stitches, installed at the Charlottenborg Exhibition Hall in Copenhagen, Denmark (2005).

For this fairly massive undertaking, the Copenhagen-based artist enlisted the help of fourteen fellow knitting enthusiasts to craft the colossal structure using size 17 (12.75mm) needles and twenty strands of yarn per stitch.

Isabel Berglund (
b. 1971, fashion designer, took an MA in Fashion Knitwear from Central St. Martin’s College of Art and Design, London in 2000) has created a niche in Danish Fashion with her playfully sculptured knitwear . The installation City of Stitches X- small is a further development of City of Stitches, which was created for the Charlottenborg Fall Exhibit 2004. From being a small room in the room the work has been transformed to an over dimensional room stuffed into the small Gallery RACA. In the front window the work will appear to have been thrown up against the window falling out at the by passer. If by passer chooses to stop up and look at what is going on inside she/he will get the impression of an over dimensional room with full size clothes growing out of the walls perhaps with people stuck in them. Inside the clothes is growing wild on the walls luring the audience to come and play in the surrealistic dress-up box. With her usual feel for volume and the absurd Isabel Berglund has created a universe, which is as soft and inviting as whipped cream and yet rather disquieting as a spider web waiting to get people in the yarn. The knitted room is full of such ambiguities: joke and contemplation, inside and outside, aesthetics and interactive experience.



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