Wednesday, July 30, 2008

wie schön grober strick sein kann...

When the Vikings came to the Faroe Islands, a Thousand Years ago, sheep were set free in the though, rocky and windy Faroese landscape. The sheep have been out there ever since, living in unique conditions - these sheep in the rough North Atlantic nature live outside in freedom throughout the year.

This is a good thing to have in mind when you wear the skin products from Gudrun & Gudrun.The special living conditions also explain why these tough sheep have developed their unique skin and wool.

Gudrun & Gudrun are aware of these proporties and turn them to account when creating their products. A combination of the latest tanning techniques and a unique design makes the products from Gudrun & Gudrun the climax of a thousand years of expertise.

The major part of the collection is handmade by Faroese and Jordanian women

Our most sold ever line of classic sweaters is made from 100% untreated and undyed Faroese wool. The Faroese sheep are living in the mountains all year round - living on unfertilized grass. The vest with star pattern from the fw 07 pictures is also from the same line.

The Faroese yarn and lambskins used in the G&G production are waste products. The sheeps are kept for the mutton, so no animals are used for our production only.
In our new accessories line we use fish leather. This is also a waste product. The fish is caught for eating - and we make use of the skins.


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