Wednesday, March 12, 2008


It's kinda like graffiti, only fuzzier.

The Houston-based group of women (and one man) are giving your grandma’s knitting a healthy dose of “street” appeal. Think of it as guerilla knitting. Knitta gathers every week or so, and knit open tubes by hand, in various bold colors and sizes, kinda like tea cozies.Then they venture out into the city, under the cover of night, armed only with the knitted tubes, some zip ties, a pair of scissors, and a sense of rebellion.

But why go through all this trouble? Why not save the yarn for your own precious sweater, blanket or Charmin-cute kitten to play with? Well, for one thing, when you knit or crochet, you always have unfinished projects lying around, cast away like some long-lost lover who now bores you. And rather than let them pile up, you’d like to find a new home for them.

But the other reason, says Knitta Please founder Magda Sayeg, is that no matter whether you’re using spray paint or yarn, it’s all an expression of caring and love. It all began with something as simple as a doorknob cozy. It garnered such a reaction, that they realized that bombing the city with their knitted wares might be a good way to spread some cheer. Everyone wants to leave their mark somehow on their surroundings.


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