Wednesday, November 29, 2006


Over the Spring '06 season, SHOWstudio is embarking upon a series of projects devoted to exploring 'The Sound of Clothes'. Continuing our commitment to re-thinking mainstream fashion editorial, we believe fashion audio to be a genuinely new frontier. Beyond overlaying imagery with non-specific sound - such as favourite songs or ambient music - the aim of The Sound of Clothes series is to explore a range of audio possibilities, such as discovering the actual sound a garment makes.

Anechoic is a 'collections story' project that uses sound instead of visuals to interpret the essence of key garments the A/W '06-7 season by leading fashion brands. A live recording session in a specialist recording studio -a hemi-anechoic chamber- on 1 June 2006 will be used to create a series of groundbreaking interactives that for the first time in fashion media, detail the precise sound of fashion materials such as feathers, sequins, glass crystals and beads, nylon, taffeta, leather, velvet, jacquard, zips and metallic chains. The live broadcast will also be filmed, providing motion image footage of model Zora Star working in the unconventional, futuristic studio environment, which will be edited to create abstract shorts of each audio 'shot'.


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